STEP-C :A center for the promotion of innovation & entrepreneurship

Entrance procedure

Necessary prerequisites for prospect entrants:

  • Business plan with detailed information of the firm’s objectives, market and competition analysis, costs, pricing analysis and cash-flow forecasts
  • Technology sophistication, innovation intensity and intellectual property endowment
  • R&D focused with either established or the prospect of collaborations with Research Centres and Universities
  • Documented and feasible development prospects
  • Possibility of formal or informal capital funding and mentoring
  • Occupational mix of the management team, its experience and background
  • Management’s personal commitment in further developing the business
  • Correspondence of Applicant’s needs to the services offered by STEP-C

Prospect entrants should submit a dully completed:

  • Application form, and
  • Short business plan

The application form is subsequently evaluated by the Board of Directors of the Managing Company of STEP-C. After successful evaluation, the application is evaluated by the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH). A formal reply is provided to the applicant within three months. Consequently to acceptance and establishment at STEP-C, the company has a six months trial period.
If the company intends to extent its stay, it is obliged to submit to the Park Management Company a report of current and projected activities for the next period of stay. The decision to extend the lease period is based on this report.

*Suggested Business Plan Contents

  1. Summary
  2. General Business Description
    1. Mission
    2. Competitive Advantages
  3. Product/Service Description
    1. Description
    2. Product/Service Development Process
    3. Intellectual Property Rights, Patents
  4. Market Analysis
    1. Marketing Strategies, Sales Plans & Projections
  5. Competition Analysis
  6. Strategy
  7. Management and Administration
    1. Short-long term
    2. Management Structure, Human Resources, Motivation-Reward strategies
  8. Operational Plan
    1. Production Process, quality
  9. Financial Plan
    1. Cash Flow
    2. Financial Sources
    3. Financial Plan
  10. Appendices

Application Form

A. Basic info

B. Summary profile

C. Business strategy

D. Interest to join StepC

Interest to join Step-C

Interest to participate in the managing company of STEP-C S.A.

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