STEP-C :A center for the promotion of innovation & entrepreneurship


Director of the Science and Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C) and Managing Director, of the “Managing Company of STEP-C” S.A. since 2005.

Studies in Chemistry (University of Athens) and post graduate studies in Vinology & Biotechnology, Business Administration and MBA (Univ. of Brussels).

Managing Director, of the “Managing Company of STEP-C” S.A. since 2005.

Director (1996-1999), Marketing Director (1999-2000) and Quality Assurance Manager (1999-today) of MINOTECH Biotechnology.

Project Manager of the projects: Development of a “Centre of Technology Transfer” at STEP-C (1997-2001) and “Establishing Incubator Facilities” at STEP-C (1997-2000).

Project Manager of RITTS Crete Project (1997-2000), consultant to other RIS/RITTS Projects Consultant, Business Incubators and Technology Parks projects in Greece & Europe.

Partners of the projects: “Crete Innovative Actions” Programme (CRINNO, 2003-2005), & Crete “Regional Innovation Pole” (2007-2008) with Entrepreneurship & Technology Transfer related pilot actions.

Participation in a number of EU funded projects, related with the promotion of Entrepreneurship, Regional Innovation, IPR Management and Technology Transfer.

Member of the EURAXESS Network.

National Contact Point for FP7 (Programme PEOPLE).

4 years of working experience in Industry (Brewing & Wine Industry).

Lead auditor, ISO 9000.

Over 20 years of experience in Technology Transfer and exploitation, Intellectual Property Management, Entrepreneurship, Regional Development and Innovation.